DNC - Design 'N' Create - is an amature game designing group based in South Africa. The three founders - Dillon Theodore, Ntsikelelo Mnsitshana and Charl-André Fourie - are all big time teen gamers. Here, we will be discussing the fate of DNC.
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Ubisoft "Likes" Proposed LastLight Franchise
Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:47 pm by DNC - DudeMan
You heard right! After a quick interview-like thingy between Matt and I using a simple IM, it turns out that DNC may actually have a chance of landing our first contract! And with Ubisoft!

Here follows quoted snippets of our discussion:

Quote :
MarterMatt125: DudeMan. Uppon reading DNC's plans, I must admit that I am greatly impressed. It's not every day we get something like this from someone of …

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Do you think we've done reasonably well in our first year?
Definately! You came up with the coolest games and the site rocks! ^^
 57% [ 4 ]
Sure. You managed a fair amount. You could definately have done worse. ;)
 14% [ 1 ]
Kinda maby. You could've done more, but what you managed is ok. :
 29% [ 2 ]
Not really. I really think you could've done more. You still haven't chosen a theme song. :(
 0% [ 0 ]
Not at all. You really let us down. You still haven't completed any of the games and the site's as dull as ever. ><
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 game idea

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PostSubject: game idea   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:14 pm

k i am not gonna tell u the whole thing it is not in copy right yet but i do have it poor man whatever anyways i saw this i thought i might see what u guys think about it god4play or gp has already reviewed it so i wanna see what the "rest of his crew thinks".

here it is

Main Idea
it is a black ops missionary on a mission to recover stolen data on a new bio suit and through out the game you recive the data back by going on a mission to retrive it the more documents you recover the more of the suit you unlock finally when you retreave the whole suit documentation you get to wear it and it has all sorts of cool gadgets. You start the game with a Glock 18 full automatic pistol with a 33 round clip this is your secondary weapon also u have a knife for stealth missions. Now for your primary weapon you start out with an AK-47 it has the selectable choice from single shot to burst to full auto. But some where near the end you will finish the game and then you unlock a secret level that you fight a boss and he has the same suit and you will see him in every level but cant defeat him he is trying to stop you and you are fighting the russians the russians have great technology and they will use bio weapons and fighter jets and helicopters to hold you up throughout your mission.

so is it any good please reply and review Confused
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PostSubject: Re: game idea   Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:15 pm

Great idea, but completely wrong section. You may want to read the section/forum headings before posting.

If you Rant, Necro, go Off Topic! or maby even just act like a N00b, I'll send the Lockmobiel to Lock your threads and the Banhammer to Banbutton you and make you want to Suicide 1. Then the onlookers will Ouch..., *Claps* and *Bows* to me as you get Pwned. Please Read the Rules! and don't make me Shoop da WHOOP! you. Wink Thank Forumotion for DNC Supersmilie!!'s Awesomeness website. Doesn't it just make you wonna *Types*? The end. Swordz
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game idea
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