DNC - Design 'N' Create - is an amature game designing group based in South Africa. The three founders - Dillon Theodore, Ntsikelelo Mnsitshana and Charl-André Fourie - are all big time teen gamers. Here, we will be discussing the fate of DNC.
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Ubisoft "Likes" Proposed LastLight Franchise
Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:47 pm by DNC - DudeMan
You heard right! After a quick interview-like thingy between Matt and I using a simple IM, it turns out that DNC may actually have a chance of landing our first contract! And with Ubisoft!

Here follows quoted snippets of our discussion:

Quote :
MarterMatt125: DudeMan. Uppon reading DNC's plans, I must admit that I am greatly impressed. It's not every day we get something like this from someone of …

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Do you think we've done reasonably well in our first year?
Definately! You came up with the coolest games and the site rocks! ^^
 57% [ 4 ]
Sure. You managed a fair amount. You could definately have done worse. ;)
 14% [ 1 ]
Kinda maby. You could've done more, but what you managed is ok. :
 29% [ 2 ]
Not really. I really think you could've done more. You still haven't chosen a theme song. :(
 0% [ 0 ]
Not at all. You really let us down. You still haven't completed any of the games and the site's as dull as ever. ><
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 7
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>>DNC Crew

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PostSubject: >>Forum Guidelines<<   Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:00 pm

Welcome to the official DNC website! This is the place to talk about the newest game releases and share your ideas for new ones. Who knows? We might end up featuring them in our own! Wink

Forum Guidelines

Our goal is to maintain a friendly forum environment for you to post in. We've organized some guidelines to keep in mind when posting.

Here's a quick rundown on what to do and what to avoid in order to help us keep the forums running smoothly.

Posting Etiquette:

• Keep subject titles direct, descriptive and accurate (No titles like "Help!" or "My RP").
• Use caps and repeated punctuation judiciously.
• Do not create multiple threads for one topic or post your thread in every category (it's f'ing annoying).
• Do not post blank messages.
• Keep signatures limited to 500 characters max, and limit signature images to 670 wide x 128 high. Overall your entire signature should not exceed an area of 670 x 160px.
• Use bbcode to clean up extremely long signature links by displaying link text rather than URLs.
• Bump threads judiciously. If a thread has no new posts since the last bump, please don't bump it again.
• Limit embedded image dimensions to 680 wide x 544 high (not our fault).
• Do not post unbroken text strings longer than 60 characters (this includes links - Use BBCode).
• Do not make posts requesting the locking of another user's thread within a thread. Please use the alert button or PM system to contact a moderator/administrator (DNC Crew) if you believe a thread is in violation of the forum rules. Note that you may receive an error after pressing alert, however we will successfully be notified.
• When creating a poll, options must be able to fullfill to everyone's opinions. No "Yes"/"Yes" polls. When asking a yes/no question, a neutral option (eg. "Maby") must be givin aswell.
• Use search! Avoid posting duplicate threads about questions that have already been answered.


Help keep the forums a fun place to discuss games. Remember that anyone is able to register. Please restrain from using fighting words, especially since the other person may be a child.
• Keep posts relevant to the topic at hand.
• Work out differences politely.
• Be respectful when posting about religious, political, or otherwise controversial content.
• Keep posts clean: free of vulgarity, racism, profanity, and bigotry (if you have to use... certain words, spell them correctly sothat they can be replaced with ----)
• No personal attacks: don't flame, troll, insult, harass, threaten, rant or bug.
• Do not impersonate others (that's just low).
• Do not post personal information about others.
• No advertising/spamming in forums other than Off-Topic.
• Do not send repeated PMs or encourage other players to PM bomb any forum member.
• Have a sense of humor!

Illegal Activities:

What to avoid
• Do not post copyrighted material (seriously, don't).
• We do not support posting links to concept art based on copyrighted materials.
• Do not discuss illegal activities.
• Do not share accounts.
• Do not return to the site on a duplicate account if any of your accounts is currently suspended.
• Do not ask for or give out game serial numbers.
• Do not post spam (ever!).
• Do not post off-topic posts out of the Off-Topic section.
• Do not post fannon onto the Wiki.
• NEVER be a n00b.

Moderator & Administrators:

We're here to help, keep peace and make use of the mighty lockmobiel and banhammer. B)
• Respect the decisions of the moderators.
• Do not publicize private conversations between yourself and the moderators.
• If necessary, we may have to remove posts or users who repeatedly violate our rules.
• We may need to edit your posts, topics or Wiki pages. If we do, accept our changes and respect our decisions.
• Note that we are human beings. We have feelings! (Just code for "If you don't respect us, we'll ban you!")

The current moderators are:
• None

The current members of the DNC Crew are:
DudeMan (Founder / Plot design / Gameplay intergration / Forum manager / Wiki mod)
Subatomic (Founder / Concept artist / Plot design)
KingN (Founder / Plot design / Gameplay intergration)
Osaka (Concept artist / Plot design)
Blaze (Post-concept suggestions)
Dragon Chick (Concept artist)
Banzai (3D Artist)

Thanks for abiding by our rules, we hope you enjoy the discussions on our boards. Thank you for registering, aswell. We appreciate your support!

If you notice something inappropriate posted on the boards, please alert DNC Crew member so that we can address it.

That's all you need to know to not get banned. Wink
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>>Forum Guidelines<<
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